Since 2004, Madeleine Rose Couture features ensembles designed and constructed by me, Lori Lyon.   I love to sew and began my career at the age of seven, (mom taught me) designing and sewing for Barbie.  I have always been into fashion design and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles with an AA degree in Fashion Design.  I have designed and sewn for private clients and now several years later, I found a renewed passion of designing and sewing for fashion dolls.  Madeleine Rose Couture is my dream and is named after my daughter-Madeleine Rose.
My work has been featured in Hautedoll magazine and the online magazine High Maintinence.  My designs have also been seen in Dolls, FDQ, and High Style.
The inspiration for my designs comes from all over; I especially love historical fashion as well as the haute couture of Chrisitan LaCroix, Dior, McQueen and others. I  use high quality fabrics and pay special attention to detail.  I hope you enjoy  my ensembles as much as I had creating them.